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From: Wayne Wright - The King of Cans

Where there's trash, there's cash...seriously!

Sit back and think about that for a moment. Everywhere you look there's a trashcan or a trash bin, right? Garbage cans that are filled with dirty, smelly trash, that also make for dirty stinkin' bins once they're emptied!

Why is that, you ask?

Well, that's because residue remains afterwards, where bacteria can grow and multiply. Imagine the filth! And that's where the opportunity for fast cash presents itself!

What am I talking about here? Well, Garbage Can Cleaning, of course!


Where There's Trash. . .
There's CASH

Sample Earnings at Current Rate of $8/Can 

Per Day

Weekly Income

Annual Income










Where it Started

The UK was one of the first countries around the World to begin using the government-issued trashcan to standardize the pickup of trash. This standardization, with oversized trashcans, made it virtually impossible for the homeowner to properly sanitize their own receptacles.

And this opened the door for a whole new business opportunity... trashcan cleaning.

For over 12 years, the UK has been home to the Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service; a franchise business. I don't know if you know how a franchise business works, but if you're interested in spending a lot of money to have your own business, then a franchise is for you. Frankly, I didn't have a bunch of cash to start a business with, and I certainly didn't want to give it to someone else if I did. I wanted to invest in myself.

Personally, I decided I didn't need the additional expenses I would incur with a franchise business either. Not only would I have to come up with a good chunk of money to buy the franchise, but I would have a lot of other commitments that (like ongoing monthly royalty payments) I would have to make to the franchise seller too. That was not for me!

A Simple Business to Operate

You see, a trashcan cleaning business is a very simple business to run, in both the day-to-day operation, and in the administration of the business. Let me explain why I decided to get into this fast-growing industry as an independent business owner, instead of as a franchisee.

I did a lot of research and found that trash can cleaning was virtually untapped in the US, and also where I live. I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and we have a lot of stinkin' trashcans here. It's sunny most of the year, but especially so from spring to fall, where it can reach 115 degrees in the mid summer. Not only is it impractical to try and clean your own city-issued trashcan here, but in most places it's actually illegal to dump the trash residue and waste water into the city drains and municipal water system. Who wants to get fined for cleaning their trashcan?

And let's face it, who in their own right mind would even want to clean a trashcan in Phoenix in 115-degree weather anyway? I didn't, and I knew other people didn't want to either!

I discovered all that I needed was the right garbage can cleaning machine, a truck, and some advertising materials to let people know about my service, to get this business going. I could easily see that offering this service to people living in mid to high-income residential areas was a no-brainer. And I found out it was true!

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Natural Breeding Ground for Bacteria

You see, trash cans are a major breeding ground for bacteria. Even bagged trash with rotting food, pet waste, and other organic discards can leak out into your trashcan through naturally occurring tears and imperfections in the bag. Just using a hose and a broom to wash your trashcan will not remove the bacteria that are present, and unless the trashcan is thoroughly and properly cleaned, the bacteria will continue to multiply, causing nasty odors and contamination.

With a professional trash can cleaning service, the bins are cleaned using an ultra high pressure washing system, with environmentally safe products, to clean and disinfect the receptacle. This means all the residue is removed, with the interior surfaces being treated and disinfected, allowing the trashcans to come out looking and smelling clean and fresh.

Here's a few tips for cleaning a trash can effectively.

The Manual Cleaning Process

There are several ways to perform a professional trashcan cleaning, here’s one using the manual method:


This process will take you longer than using automation, but it's an easy way to get started and build a customer base.

The Cleaning Process. . . the Right Way

The Cleaning Process. . . done "The Wright Way"

I prefer to expend as little energy as possible. After all, why not?

By investing in a hydraulic system that automatically lifts the trashcans, and a high-pressure spraying system to automatically wash them out, I not only perform an excellent cleaning job, but I'm not as worn out as I would be by the end of the day. And when I get home, I have the energy I want, to be able to spend the quality time with my family that I need.

It's all so easy! This service can be performed just AFTER the garbage can has been emptied, and while the cans are still at the curb where they are most easily accessible. All you have to do is drive up, move them onto the lift, and start the machine. Watch this:


How to Build Your Client Base

All I did was concentrate on building my route one neighborhood at a time. This was such a new service in my area, that I've had no problem getting new clients. They were actually excited when they heard about my new service!

Not only were they intrigued with my new business, but they couldn't wait to tell their neighbors about me! I have developed all the processes and procedures you need to get new clients in your area interested and involved. I even give you the marketing materials I'm using - proven and time-tested ads - to ensure more new clients are calling you each and every week.

Why You Should Avoid a Franchise

As the King 'o Cans, I've been an entrepreneur most of my life and I know a good business opportunity when I see it. With new trashcan cleaning franchises starting to pop up now in the US, there is an opportunity to get started in this industry using and paying for someone else's system. But you can now enter this industry at a reasonable price and keep all the profits for yourself, by following my guide to starting your own trashcan cleaning business, and avoid the hefty franchise fees and commitments.

You see, the main disadvantage of a franchise is the loss of control. You have the use of a system all right- their trademarks, assistance, training and marketing, but the franchisee is also required to follow THEIR system too. You must get approval for anything you might want to change or customize to your own way of running your business.

Remember, when you purchase a franchise, you are renting or leasing THEIR opportunity and concept, not buying and building your own business with true ownership. Which would you rather do?

Typically, franchise agreements last from five to thirty years, and come with serious consequences to the franchisee for premature cancellations or terminations. This means you may have additional fees to pay if you cannot make a go of the business.

And with a franchise, not only are you buying the right to service a pre-defined, limited territory, but you also have franchise fees, ongoing royalty payments, and advertising contributions which can be as much as 5% - 8% of your gross income, or more. Do you want to give up your hard earned money and profits when you could keep them for yourself? I don't.

Why You Need to be an Independent Business Owner

My recommendation is to become an independent business owner, where you can set your own hours, design your own procedures, and produce your own marketing materials to reflect your personal business style. This way, all your income stays with you, all the decisions are yours to make, and you retain the ability to sell your business any time want.

Is This You?

Starting a Small Business Image You currently work a j-o-b and report to a b-o-s-s
Starting a Small Business Image Your company talks about and considers outsourcing your position
Starting a Small Business Image Your job is not safe due to current economics and company profitability
Starting a Small Business Image You long for the opportunity to make unlimited income
Starting a Small Business Image You want to spend more quality time with your family and friends
Starting a Small Business Image You are reliable, independent, and feel you could run your own business successfully
Starting a Small Business Image You are willing to accept a level of financial risk to own your own business
Starting a Small Business Image You have the personal and professional commitment to pursue your own opportunity in business

If this adequately describes you, then you’re the perfect candidate to get started in this industry and opportunity.  


Introducing . . .

Where There's Trash, There's Cash!

trashcan cleaning business image

Want to know what to do next? Well, I've included all the inside knowledge you'll need to begin your own enterprise as a Trashcan Cleaning King in your area, as I have already researched and compiled the necessary information needed to get started today!

Here's what you'll receive:

Service Industry Rate Comparisons
Top Reasons for Starting a Trash Can Cleaning Company
Mapping Your Enterprise with a Business Plan
Naming Your Business
Legal Requirements of the Business
Vehicle Requirements for the Business
Hydraulic Systems Versus Manual Systems
How to Market Your Business - General Principles
Marketing Strategies for Garbage Can Cleaning
Advertising Your Business with Proven Methods
Tracking and Measuring Advertising Response
Equipment Required to Operate the Business
Pressure Washing Requirements
The Cleaning Process
Waste Water Management
Sample Press Release, Postcards, Agreements, Vehicle Wrap

   What's it Gonna Be?

So, you ready to get started?

Are you a potential business owner or a wishy-washy wannabe?

Frankly, this is a business for the person who is not afraid of getting dirty while working to get what he/she wants. You're either gonna appreciate the value and high quality information I've included in this publication and will put it to the test, or you're gonna keep limping along in life, still doing what you've been doing; wondering why the other guys always seem to get rich and why you're not. Take it from me, this works! I know!

Forget the learning curve and get all the tips for cleaning a trash can in "Where There's Trash, There's Cash!" - it's the "must have" guide for anyone serious about starting a cash generating, highly profitable, in-demand service business like trashcan cleaning.


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See You at the Top!

Wayne Wright
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